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Interview with  Co-founders   Clyde

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From “Refuge” by Detective Sgt. Donald Stewart, “an act of domestic violence occurs every 12 seconds in our country”. The current statistics say every 9 seconds.

My husband and I are co-founders of Homes of Hope for V.I.D.A.

February, 2008, we met with seven friends and family and shared with them we felt there was a need for a transitional housing ministry/service. Even though we had no resources, we had no knowledge or any idea how to go about doing something like this, we prayed, discussed and continued to meet.

We began to share the need with others and after several months in June of 2008 the Constitution and Articles of Incorporation were written. When submitted to the State of California, they were endorsed on July 14, 2008. WE were a California approved non-profit corporation.

We worked on our application for the IRS to be recognized as a 501c3 non-profit. We submitted our application November 2008, and received our determination letter dated January 7, 2009 notifying us that our application was approved and we were exempt from federal income tax and contributions were tax exempt.

You may ask, isn’t HOH/VIDA just another battered women’s shelter? Existing local women’s shelters are able to provide emergency, short term services, customarily for 30 days. HOH/VIDA is designed to provide services for up to two years.

HOH/VIDA steps in when a woman and her children are ready to leave the shelter but as yet still do not have a firm foundation beneath them. We are there for women who have left their abusive situation for the last time and are ready to do the work necessary to change familial patterns of brokenness and bondage. Women ready to start their journey down the path to becoming contributing members of society. Often though, a woman working to be a victorious overcomer, has been so beaten down for so long that she has forgotten who she really is. Living in an ever-vigilant state of mind takes a huge toll on an individual’s ability to function. Full recovery takes more than 30 days.

I am familiar with one overcomer who was in an emotionally and verbally abusive relationship for well over 20 years and though she was able to receive relationship skills training for a number of years, it has taken her many years to fully move beyond the trauma. Our military forces wounded on the battlefield have someone there to help them out of the battle, then they are whisked into emergency care services and later into extended recovery. We would not think of taking a traumatically wounded soldier straight from the Intensive Care Unit and turning them out on the street. Women and children traumatized by Domestic Abuse are critically wounded patients in desperate need of extended therapy and recovery periods. We, HOH/VIDA, are that extended recovery provider; that Value-Added Intervention.

You may ask, isn’t HOH/VIDA just another battered women’s shelter?

NO! HOH is more than just a shelter as we provide value added intervention.

Value added intervention is accomplished through;

the provision of single family dwellings

a safe, calm and healthy environment

here they can find peace.

Here a mother can begin to utilize the transformation life skills that HOH provides.

Such as:

One on one mentoring with weekly Bible studies and emotional support,

Job skill – we direct them to resources to learn computer skills, we assist them in college enrollment, etc.

Coping skills – such as developing boundaries, dealing with anger, forgiveness, co-dependency, etc.

In 2011 we began to help two women, one lived in Cottonwood and the other in Anderson. We were able to help them move into an apartment where they were ministered to by HOH mentors.

We are now helping three new families, one is in Redding, one in Anderson and the other one is in Red Bluff. We have helped each of them get into an apartment, providing some needed furniture and other essentials for a home. HOH mentors are meeting with these mothers

How can you help?

HOH needs pledge partners – financial needs are one of our greatest needs. Million dollars.

Become a mentor – training is provided.

Serve as a volunteer and/or on the advisory council and eventually become a Board member.

Could use usable cars – two current participants are without any transportation.

HOH needs homes, individual homes and/or apartment buildings, and property to build on.

Support and attend our fundraising events.

Spring Festival May 17 ----Handcraft Fair June 7, 2014

Fall, Harvest of Hearts Dinner – November 15, 2014

Bride's March – August 23,2014- this is remembrance of victims of domestic abuse.




Victims In Domestic Abuse

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